Genetics 211 Genomics

Course Description


Each week faculty will provide a two hour lecture on a current topic within Genomics, a two hour discussion section exploring a significant paper, and a two hour lecture on the Python programming language.

Course Grade

The overall course grade will be based four problem sets that require the creation of Python scripts to process biological data (40%), on participation in discussion sections including four write-ups (30%), and a final exam (30%). The take home final exam will consist a project of your design analyzing a question of your choice and requires the use of Python to process the data.

Preparing for Python

In this course you will be learning and using the scripting language Python. We assume that many of you have no experience with Python or any programming language. The Friday lectures will teach you everything you need to know about Python to be successful in this course. There are many useful online courses. We have identified CodeAcademy as providing good basic tutorial on Python,

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